Podol is the historical district of Kiev

Podol is the historical district of Kiev, one of the most ancient in the city. It lies on a right-bank lowland between the channel of Pochajna river and slopes of little mountains (Shchekavitsa and Khorevitsa). That is why the district has got the name of Podolie (Podol). The first settlements of the district appeared in the beginning of our era.
During the times of the Kievskaya Rus, Podol was the trading-craft area of Kiev. The handicraft quarters, the main city port, harbour and custom house were situated in Podol, or as it was named The Lowest City. Torzhishe was the centre of it; nowadays it is Kontraktovaya Square. The well-known annual Kontractovye Fairs took place here since 1797.
One of the most outstanding monuments - Andreevskaya Church - towers on an ancient mountain, where, according to the historical facts, Saint Andrey Pervozvvanniy has predicted the great future to the City!

The graceful temple, the well-known B.F.Rastrelly's architectural masterpiece, erected in 1749 -1754, has decorated the city with its expressive form.
There is also the Andreevskij Descent that was the shortest way connecting the top of the city with Podol. Nowadays the Andreevskij Descent is the place of exhibition-sales of painting, national creativity. Numerous buildings representing historical value are kept in this ancient street.
The first higher school in Ukraine and the East Europe, the university “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy " is located here. The fountain "Samson" and the Hetman Museum - the monument of the Magdeburg Right are situated also here.

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